Por 15

“The Restoration Specialists”

POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint’s secret lies in it’s curing process, unlike ordinary paints POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint cures by drawing moisture from within the metal and the atmosphere.
Other paints cure through the process of solvent evaporation leaving pores (that’s why you can smell a paint job for weeks).
POR® 15 Rust Preventative Paint is easy to use, whether for small jobs or large, being single pack and self levelling (no brush marks), and of course it can be sprayed as well.
In fact use POR 15® on anything you want to protect permanently from rust, corrosion, stone chips or abrasion.
At Body Shop Paint Supplies Dandenong we offer an extensive range of Por 15 products:

  • Tie Coat
  • Top Gloss Black
  • Top Coat Silver
  • Glisten 2K Urethane Clear
  • Glypted 2KUrethane Hardnose
  • Fuel Tank Repair Kits
  • Glyptal Internal Engine Coating
  • Hi Temp Paint
  • Caliper Paint Kits

Leatherique is a natural range of leather care products, to rejuvenate & clean,
re-moisture and condition your leather.

  • Prestine Clean
  • Rejuvenator Oil
  • Crack Filler
  • Prepping Agents
  • Dyes

Eastwood offer a Range of Hi Temp Paints in a convenient aerosol pack

  • Chassis Paints
  • Engine Paints
  • Chrome Paints

For Further information on the PPC Products Range

Contact the team at Body Shop Paint Supplies Dandenong Ph: 9706 9470

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