Debeer Refinish


DeBeer the company was founded in 1910 and has been manufacturing car refinish paints since 1951.

DeBeer deliver their brand to more than 100 Countries worldwide.

DeBeer offer a comprehensive range of compact complete and high quality vehicle repair paints and coatings for many different applications.

DeBeer has a data base containing more than 80,000 international motor vehicle colours based on a wide range of steel and plastic parts and also offer a wide range of supplementary products, from cleaners to putties, primers to clear coats.

DeBeer Refinish product portfolio consists of high quality colour mixing systems including:

  • Waterbase 900+ Series – Water-based system
  • Berobase 500 Series – 1K basecoat system
  • Beromix 2000 Series – 2K polyurethane system

For Further Information on the DeBeer Refinish Product Range

Contact one of the Sales team at Body Shop Paint Supplies Dandenong Ph: 9706 9470.

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